• 22 October, 2020

    Dinner Together with the Google Depart.

    To embrace the last season of 2020, we have a group dinner with the sales representives from the google department. 2020 is a terrible year as we can feel all over the world. So many people died and get harmed due to the COVID-19. Recently the virus getting worse in most European countries. Even though our colleagues are working so hard to get the business ball of custom packaging rolling. But some of our clients are still worried and get the order postponed. But this didn't scared our colleagues. We worker hard and offered better price with quality assured service and faster leadtime. Our business is much better than last year. To celebrate the good business performance and to fight for the rest of 2020, we have a happy dinner tonight. If you are interested in any of these food or in need of packaging products, feel free to contact us anytime. We are here for you 24/7.

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  • 30 September, 2020

    Celebration for the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day

    Tomorrow will be a day of national celebration and our warmest holiday-the Mid-Autumn festival. .It is so raret the two holidays run into each other. To celebrate these two holidays, most people will have a long break of 8 days, from 1st, Oct to 8th, Oct. As a busy packaging factory, we don't have the luck for such a long holiday. But we still have a vacation of 6 days from 1st, Oct to 6th, Oct. Today, our company also give each of us a gift box of mooncake and a red pocket. It is a great appreciation for the families that support our harding work that far from hometown. The money from red pocket can bear the  transport cost for us  to go home to reunited with our family and enjoy the mooncake wth our families.

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  • 23 August, 2020

    Group Travel of Minglai Packaging

    After the comany half-year Summary meeting, we have decided to have a group traveling for all our company members. The travelling was scheduled to Qingyuan city on 22th, Aug-23th, Aug, two days one night. Qing yuan is a relatively characteristic city. The most anticipated project should be the drifting in Qingyuan Gulong Gorge. It is known as "the king of drifting".Ancient Dragon Gorge in Qingyuan, excites the world! It is an activity that tests the spirit of teamwork. It requires two people to sit on a boat at the starting point and complete the rafting for an hour and a half. Everyone must pay attention to your partner and cooperate with each other so that your boat will not be overwhelmed by the rushing spring water. If you don't cooperate well, you will face the danger of falling off the boat.  It turns out that we have a great rapport with our colleagues, and this event has perfect ending.  We all enjoy this adventurous and exciting activity.   If you like drifting too, we strongly suggest you to try the Ancient Dragon Gorge.  Except the drifting, we also board the most beautiful glass crystal bridge, a completely transparent glass bridge is very spectacular. Unfortunately, It rained when we go there. After the drifting and the marter of glass, we have tasted the famous food-Qingyuan Chicken.  It is so deliciours that the dish is empty so soon. The next day we went to Qingyuan Beijiang Small Three Gorges and experienced the board travelling between the Mountains. We are so happy for the scenery and enjoyed the tour so much. It is really a pleasant and unforgettable team activity, looking forward to the next trip!

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  • 31 July, 2020

    Midyear Summary & Celebration of Sales Depart

    We are working in a harmonious Minlai family. Today we have the mid-year celebration. After enjoyed the fruits, drinks, and snacks. We had a meeting to make a brief sumary with our inernational sales deparment of how we successfully achieve our semi-annual sales target under the epidamic of COVID-19. The first half of 2020 will end in this way.And to thanks our sales' hardworking for the half year and to courage our employees' diligence in the second half of the year, we decide to make a company group tour next month to relax ourselves and get ready for the second half year. At last,we concluded our mid-year meeting with much rejoicing and laughter.

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