• 15 January, 2021

    Tea is the most traditional beverage in China. In food packaging design, tea is the product that best reflects the meaning of food packaging design. As we all know, although tea is a traditional ordinary drink, it has its particularity in the process of drinking tea. Tasting tea has gradually become an art. In recent years, the auction price of tea has also been accompanied by people's pursuit of life and the continuous improvement of economic levels. Therefore, there is a higher pursuit of tea packaging design. The packaging design of tea is mostly antique style. After all, the lingering fragrance of tea, simple and elegant, are the most basic characteristics of tea. Any food packaging design cannot be designed without the characteristics of the food itself, because such a design lacks soul. So, what is a good tea packaging design? We often mention that packaging should be humane. The following packaging design is not only user-friendly, but also practical. The most common box-type packaging design is a circular world-covered tea food packaging design. This food packaging design can not only reflect the high-end tea, but also increase the fun to a certain extent.

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  • 04 January, 2021

    CNY Holiday Notice

    Thanks for your kind support throughout the year. When we celebrate the new year 2021's coming, Spring Festival is approaching. MLP office will be on holiday from 6th, Feb to 21st, Feb 2021 and return to work on Feb 22ed,2021. MLP Factory will be on holiday from 30th, Jan to 28th, Feb, 2021 and return to work on Feb 1st, Mar, 2021. During the holiday, you can still contact us via email if any request arises.

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  • 29 December, 2020

    Happy New Year 2021

    It's been a really hard this year but at last, the time to say goodbye to the year 2020 finally arrived. And now, here we are, ready to welcome the year 2021 in full enthusiasm. We are just a few days ahead from welcoming the new year 2021 into our life.  Wave goodbye to the old and embrace the new with hope, dreams, and ambition. Wishing you a Happy New Year full of happiness!

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  • 24 December, 2020

    Christmas Celebration

    The Xams is coming, we wish you a merry Christmas. On this special day, our team member Sandy decided to make a special Christmas Tree by fruit.  Hope it brings people she love health, happiness and success. After two-day hardworking, she succeeded in building the fruit Christmas tree. On this Special today, we also had a small celebration of fruit tea party. Each of us get a Christmas fruit that packed in a delicate gift boxes.

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