Corrugated boxes are a staple of the packaging world, and your number one choice for safely delivering products to your customers. Available in multiple sizes, shapes and wall thicknesses, they can accommodate almost any kind of object. Corrugated boxes also come in box styles that offer unexpected uses and functionalities, like shipping artwork or reducing the need for packing tape. They’re strong, sturdy and reliable, handling jobs other shipping containers can’t. When a mailer won’t do, a box certainly will. All corrugated boxes ship and store flat to save space.

Interested in more than just kraft and white colours? Thinking about creating custom branded packaging for your business? Be sure to try out our custom shop, where you can create custom boxes in multiple sizes, styles and colour options.

Double-Sided Printed Mailer Boxes are the best solution to create a memorable unboxing experience when your customer receives the package. We offer these mailer boxes in custom shapes and sizes, with color printing on both sides of the box.

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