• 14 January, 2021

    Our Old Friend Customer Maik

    Maik is from Canada, the marketing manager of chocolate company,we have made chocolate gift packaging (such as lid and base box and paper bags) for their company more that 5 years.They launch a new product each quarter,but the packaging of chocolate boxes they don’t change the style of box too much,they will adjust the name for new products and repeat every time. We found that they need customized new box urgently every time, to solve this problem, our product manager make a good idea.Since one series design packaging gift boxes just change the name of lid,and keep all the base of box in same color and size.I have told  him avoid their urgently order,we have made the base of box in stock and just change the top lid box when they have new name.He was very appreciate this suggestion and said never has a supplier so thougthful,we are the best supplier to cooperation.The new packaging boxes could be delivery to their warehouse in time.

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  • 30 December, 2020

    Long term relationship with Jarvis

    Jarvis Cormier, wholesalers and distributors based in Australia,is one of our best customers. She sent us different styles of boxes which were popular in Australia market every time.Then we will made sample according her specification and requirements.After receiving the samples,she was impressed and excited that our materials and final products which are what she want it. She always said that our quality of printing was nice, and surface finishing was more exquisite than local in Australia.Now,she has been in long-term parnership with our company and she had move packaging projects from Australia to us,like magnetic gift boxes,folding packaging boxes,corrugated mailer boxes,different types of paper boxes to our company. This year, she send us ten new designs of magnetic gift boxes which are under mass production. She was surprised and satisfied with final boxes when she received them every time.

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  • 12 December, 2020

    Package luxury magnetic gift boxes project design service for Mrs Hall

    Mrs Hall, a customer from Australia, has her own independent brand. It is a great honor to meet her on the website. After learning that she is about to start a new project about coffee series products.She needs a high-end magnetic gift box and an impressive magnetic gift boxes with ribbon Through in-depth know of her brand concept and product characteristics, we recommend book shaped storage box with sponge inserts and Lid and base box. Special anti-scratch film is recommended for surface treatment to prevent the box from being scratched by fingers to impress the high-end appearance of custom magnetic gift boxes . According to her requirements, we will adopt the logo Gold Foil stamping and embossing, so that its logo will become shining and impress the customers. After we finish the magnetic gift box template design, we start to change the abstract design into a concrete product.When she saw our samples, she was satisfied that we had fulfilled her packaging requirements, confirmed the order quickly and started production. She was very happy when she received our mass-produced magnetic gift boxes with ribbon. She was very excited that the luxury magnetic gift boxes were more beautiful than the samples, and she believed that the perfect packaging would make her products sell well.I'm sure she'll get the sale of these products through soon.We feel very happy to receive her approval and satisfactory feedback on our product confirmation.Expect to know more friends here, welcome to consult more information about customized gift packing box.

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  • 24 November, 2020

    Canadian customer who orders high-end jewelry drawer boxes

    Jonathan from Canada sent us an inquiry that require drawer boxes with pouch similar our sample on web on 13th,Oct. After make the dimentions and design of request boxes clearly, I sent him first quotation. Three days later,Jonathan ask me update quote as he adjust some requirements and I update him quote soon.Jonathan satisfied with our offer once he received it.Then he ask me how to proceed with custom sample before order. After negotiation and discussion, he agreed to pay the sample fee.They will approve the sample by vedio after the sample ready. After that, Jonathan introduce his Boss –Virginia to me.We have a pleasant talking and confirm every details of  the slding drawer box with satin pouches.We have completed the sample within one week , I sent vedios and images to Virginia to confim the sample. Virginia got back to me in a short time and she was satisfied with the sample.After update the shipping cost , I sent her PI and she make a full payment to us with freight on 3th Nov. We tried our best to catch the time as Virginia need to receive the boxes before 20th.It’s a great jod we do ,we have commited our word and send half of the boxes by Fedex,the balance arranged by sea to save cost on 16th. Now Virginia already received half of the drawer boxes and very happy with it. And she said she will repeat order soon,it’s a great news for us!

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