• 15 July, 2021

    A Great Combination of Corrugated Box and Rigid Cardboard Box

    When I got the call from Lan, she asked if we could make such a complicated box. Aparently, she has checked with many factoriese and have got many negative answers. The outside of the boxes is art paper mounted with rigid cardboard, just like a normal book shaped boxes, which is easy to make. But insided, is coated paper mounted with corrugated boxes. As a packaging professional, it is a easy task for us. But it do take a lot of labor cost to make each boxes. And we also made improvement for the handcraft of each cell. Can you tell it from the pics?

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  • 18 May, 2021

    Customized magnet gift box for the brand of Swiss baseball cap

    Bedirhan comes from a Swiss company that manages a series of baseball products and has its own brand. This time he customized a magnet book box with us to hold his baseball hat. His design requirement is a black printing + UV printing white cardboard magnetic box . It looks very high-end, add a satin lining inside magnetic rigid gift box. After we communicated all the details, we started to design white box magnetic closure and then let the him confirm the design and start our sample production cardboard magnetic box. When he received the cardboard magnetic box sample, he was completely obsessed with our high-quality handmade white box magnetic closure and decided to officially start mass production. Today we decided to ship these magnetic rigid gift box to customers by sea, because this is the most frequently used method of transportation. Cheap prices can help customers save packaging production costs and look forward to their products hot sales after they use our white box magnetic closure.

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  • 29 April, 2021

    Design and service of emergency foldable cardboard boxes packaging projects

    Eunice is a young entrepreneurial partner from the United States. When our magnetic rigid gift box appeared on her website, she was deeply attracted by our exquisite and luxurious folding box packaging, so she sent me an information about customizing her For her packaging project, first of all, she did not only know the size of her product is 9*6*3 inch, and there is no specific design plan for the foldable cardboard boxes. According to our experience, I recommended foldable cardboard boxes to her, because cardboard folding boxes can flat shipping which can help her save shipping cost,Regarding the design, we first consult her ideas, and then recommend the color and logo design. After the design is completed, we confirm and adjust the design final confirmation, because she believes that our professional experience chooses to directly confirm the order without need make folding box packaging sample. After the sample confirmation is completed, We completed the production in two weeks and shipped foldable cardboard boxes by air. He was very happy when she received her custom folding boxes , because this is the box she wanted, and I am very grateful that we can complete this packaging project professionally and quickly. She said that the next project will start in mid-May, and now we are preparing for the next design cardboard folding boxes details, looking forward to her giving us more projects, and we can surprise her as always.

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  • 26 March, 2021

    The story of our long-term intention to cooperate with customer!

    Bianca is our new customer from Canada. After giving her the quotation for flat packing magnetic box, she did not choose our factory to make the sample, but chose another factory whose quotation was similar to ours. Two weeks later, Bianca found me again and asked me for the details of the sample. After confirming all the details, Bianca paid the sample fee. A few days later, we sent pictures and videos of the samples to her for confirmation, and she was very surprised. She told us that she had chosen another company to make a sample before, but it did not meet her expectation, so she asked us to make a sample for the second time. Obviously, Bianca is very satisfied with the sample this time. One week after we sent out the samples, Bianca received the samples and was satisfied with the quality and color of the samples, so she directly ordered 2000 sets as the trial order. Now the goods have been prepared and sent out. She said that she would transfer all the orders to our factory in the future as she felt very relieved.

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