• 08 October, 2020

    Folding Gift Boxes In Singapore

    Melissa Lim is a customer from Singapore who has high quality requirements. She just received her inquiry. She just asked me if I have samples in stock. She needs to confirm the quality of our products before telling us her needs. She needs a foldable box. It can reduce their international transportation costs. Our timely response and quickly sent her excess samples of our other customers. Soon after she received the samples, she was satisfied and started to develop her design samples. After a day of discussion, our The designer designed her a gift packaging folding box that belongs to her idea. She is very satisfied with our professional design service and patient communication to remind the details. I received her feedback last week. She liked the design and quality of our products. Considering the transportation cost, she decided to order 1,000 foldable gift boxes at one time. Although this quantity is very small for us, she is very brave. A soho who has just started a business, although we tend to order a large number of wholesale orders, I really like to help those customers who are just starting out. I will be very happy to help my customers in business. Thank her for being in many suppliers. Choose us. Choose our one-stop customization from Ming Lai to make your business easier and more efficient. We focus on a variety of paper packaging and hope to meet you one day!

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  • 28 September, 2020

    Regular Customer David Re-purchase Magnetic Box and Bifold Manual

    I am glad that the American customer David asked me to update the quotation of the magnetic box after he was confirmed the size of his bag.Since this is the first time for the customer to place an order for magnetic boxes, after we sent the blank die-cut to David ,he asked me for some design suggestions. I was attached some sample pictures similar to his requirements for his reference.After one  week, David sent the final design die-cut and added the LOGO gold foil stamping on the top of the box.Based on the previous quotation, I updated the final quotation again and sent it to David. After receiving the quotation, David was satisfied and placed an order with us immediately. It is the first time for David to work on this type of box, we promised to give him a pre-production sample for free.The sample was finished yesterday. I attached pictures and videos to David.David was very amazing and satisfied, and communicated with his team to approve. Once we have received the David and his team approvement, we start to proceed with  mass production of the magnetic box and bifold manual. To bring good packaging boxes to customers, to win the box quality, has always been our purpose of serving customers.

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  • 14 September, 2020

    Foldable  Magnet  Gift  Box From Spain SOHO

    ISABEL is a client from Spain who runs a small gift company in SOHO. Since she has been speaking her native language for a long time and has little contact with English, it is a little difficult for her to communicate with me. At my suggestion, she communicated with me in her native language all the time.Through chatting, I found that at the beginning, she was just quoted by our design of products with ribbons in the box of attribute magnets. She wanted us to help her improve her packaging and make her products more impressive. She doesn't know need what kind of size box, through her the size of the products we recommend her for the right size, in addition her freight into consideration I suggested she choose folding box, transport costs will reduce a lot, so her understanding of folding box is not very good, so I give her to produce the model diagram of this can help her better understand fold gift box.Finally she was willing to try to confirm the sample order.One week later, she was surprised to receive the sample. The quality of our products was very good, and the printing of the design was also the result she wanted. She was also surprised that the time for making the sample was so quickly ! This month, the peak season is about to begin. She told me that her business was not affected by the virus. She would return the order to me on time and develop new requirements for me to help her design.I hope her business will get better and better and our friendship will become stronger and stronger.

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  • 28 August, 2020

    Mailer Box and Manual for Hard Drive

    David, from CA, USA , sent inquiry last month about mailer boxes and a trifold manual.After a series of discussions and confirmation, I sent him the quotation soon.David was satisfied with the quotation and added my whatsapp for the convenience of later communication. Chatting with David on whatsapp was a great thing, knowing that he was looking for a long-term supplier partner, and he would get a regular order every month.After this great talking, we have laid a good foundation for our cooperation, and David has basically decided to choose us as his long-term partners. After sending David the blank cutter die , David sent us their final design and sent us the order by email .In order to give David a better service experience, we produced a free pre-production sample to David confirm .After the sample was finished, David sent the pictures to their team for confirmation. They were very satisfied. Once we  received  the confirmation from David's team, we proceed with mass production immediately. Now the boxes are basically finished and expected to be shipped next week. In the meanwhile, David are going to place second order for book boxes.I just sent the die-cut with marked size to David yesterday.David said that after they finalize design they will send PO to me. We are looking forward to the second cooperation with David and the subsequent long-term cooperation.

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