Step 4, Design Insert

Step 4: Choose the inlay tray

Option 1- Paper insert:

It is the cheapest insert material. Normally made by art paper, kraft paper, gray card,corrugated carton paper etc materials,can die -cutting into any shape and 
printed with customized pattern,
Can be covered with one layer satin fabric be looks more premium,
Widely used for chocolate,cake,food,cosmetics,kinds of low&medium value gifts packaging.

Option 2-Plastic blitster insert:

PP,PET,PS,PVC materials,normally in transparent,white,black and gold color,other colors are also available,

Can be flocking or glued one layer customized colorful pattern printed paper on surface to improve the grade

and looks more nice,

With the mold opened based on products shape, it can fully fit in different radian and groove,widely used for

electronics,foods,hardware,cosmetics,toys,daily necessities,medicine etc packaging.

Option 3-Foam insert:

EPS foam(styrofoam,polystyrene foam) or in high-density version,EPE(PE) foam materials,normaly in white color,

With the mold opened based on products shape, it can fully fit in different radian and groove, widely used for

pack peach,apple,pitaya,kiwi etc fruits directly or the padded lining of E-commerce express package.

For the valued gifts packing like cosmetic, perfume,wine,ceramics,health care products etc it usually covered with

one layer satin fabric or flannel/velvet for more luxury.

Option 4- Sponge Insert:

Normal and high-density sponge,in black and white colors,can be use as insert directly,with custom shape

die-cutting,also can be loose coverd with satin/silk fabric to looks more fancy,

For the jewelry box, it usualy use sponge( in bottom) go with adhesive flanel/velvet/plush(on top) for the insert,

with the cut lines to better fixed the different jewelry.

Option 5-EVA insert:

In diferent grade,usually seen A and B grade(A grade be more pure & solid color,without pore),

This material is now the most hard and premium for high-end gifts packaging, can be use as insert directly

or glued with one layer custom pattern printed paper or adhesive flannel/velvet,

It suitable for high valued&delicate gifts packaging like perfume, cosmetics,wine bottle,glass artware etc.

What kind of insert do you prefer?

Feel free to contact us to make a customized box insert.

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