Step 2, Design Colors

Step 2: Choose Printing Colors or Specialty Paper

The CMYK model,  commonly referred to as "full color printing" or "four color printing". "CMYK" stands for the primary colors of pigment: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black . CMYK Offset printing is one of the oldest publishing methods that are in use in the present printing enterprise. It allows you to create huge quantities of printed materials at inexpensive prices. A great choice for small and large runs. Despite the affordable price, it produces very high-quality images. Because of its ability to make commercial amounts of prints with the premium quality outcome and inexpensive manufacturing cost, CMYK offset printing is a great option for large quantities of printing projects.

If it is about your logo color, we would suggest you Pantone color printing. It is also call spot color printing. 

With the Pantone Matching System (PMS), printers use specific ink combinations to create unique colors for printing. The Pantone system has been in use for several decades, Customizing the box according to the pantone color card number can make your box more colorful than the CMYK box.

What is the difference between using four-color ink, CMYK printing PANTONE spot color, and directly using PANTONE standard spot color ink?

CMYK is overprinted in dots by up to four inks; the use of spot inks is printed by a single ink (solid print, 100% dots). For the above reasons, the former is obviously gray and not bright; the latter is bright and consistent.

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