Step 1, Design Box Style

Step 1: Choose the box style you prefer


Magnetic Gift Box( also called book shape style, clamshell box style):

The box is made with magnet flap, sometimes there is also ribbon included to close the boxes. When you open it, it is just like open a book. That's why some people call it book shape style boxes. The most popular one is the box with magnet closure, like the pink box show below. Some people like the hinged box with elastic band to hold the lid. Nowadays, the box with ribbon clouse is more and more popular in custom gift box packaging. These boxes are commonly used in apparel packaging boxes, cosmetic packaging box,  perfume gift boxes, essential oil box, electronic device packaging boxes, etc.


Foldable gift box style:

The box style lookes exactly the same as the book shpe box, with the advantage of flat packing. This is the most popular designs among the clients for it can save a lots of space and shipping cost by flat packing.  Usually closed by magnet or ribbon. Commonly used for many industries, such as wedding dress gift boxes, fashion shoe box, large beauty gift boxes, etc.



Gift box with lid style:

This box style contains two parts, lid and bottom carton. But considering different aesthetic standard, there are three models chose by different clients. One model is like the first picture, but lid height is a little large than the bottom so the lid can cover the base. It is normally used for box height less than 5cm. 

For box higher than 5cm, we normally make the lid 3cm to save the material cost. That is box with half lid box.

The third one is like the second picture, with shoulder in the middle. Most commonly used in squre boxes. Poplular used in below industries: electronic packaging boxes, wine gift boxes, jewelry gift boxes, cosmetic gift boxes, chocolate gift boxes etc.


Sliding paper box style:

A sliding paper box is ideal for small products. Usually it has a ribbon puller or thumb bottom to open it. A clear PVC is available for you to present the product inside. We can always see the style used for jewelry packaging gift box, electronic products packaging boxes and other small luxury gift box.



Round Tube Box Style:

It is popular used in elegant flower gift box, tea gift box, cosmetic gift box.It is also called hat box for its shape. It is a special shape in base and lid style. So they can also be made with border or not inside.  


Corrugated Mailling Box style:

It is made by corrugated box( BE flute, or better KE flute) laminated with CCNB( 250gsm, 300gsm, 350gs).Itis a fashion style for onliner shop owners or companies to ship their products inside domestic or overseas. The most luxury design is too print both inside and outside. But if you want to save cost, you can keep the outside natural brown but inside printed with your logo and company information. In that way, when your clients open the box, they can see your brand easily.

Above box style is only for your reference. We have R&D departments fully supports develop unique packaging style to make your products outstanding among regular. 


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