Step 3, Design Finishing

Step 3: Choose Surface Finishing



After printing, there are various finishing options available for you to make the surface more special and luxury, like lamiantion, embossing, debossing, spot UV- coating, and all kind of foil hot stamping.




PP Lamination is normally the first step after printing. As it can effectively protect the the printing color from being scratching and also protect the paper from damaging. Except normal glossy and matte lamination, we also provide anti-scratch film lamianation. It looks the same as matte lamination. But the protective effect is much better. It is specially used on black gift box. As on black surface, you can easily left finger mark once touched by hand. But with the anti-scratch film, the finger mark is not easily left on the box surface. Besides, all these lamination can make the gift box water-proof.


This finish can make your brand metallic looking in different colors. The most popular design is hot stamping in gold or silver color. The cost is calculated based on the area of the stamping part. The larger square meters of stamping, the higher the cost.


UV finishing is a spot glossy finishing, that can make specific design more bright and reflecting. We can make the box with full UV coating, or spot UV coating. But since the price is also calculated by area, it is better to use spot UV to highlight the logo or some important information. But by different factory with different printer, the UV effect can be quite different as below. For experienced factory, the UV finishing should be smooth glossy, but in some factory, you may get the box with bubbles, as you can see by below image.


This finish is used to raise the logo or design so that people can easily see the information that you want to present. Most people like to combine this finshing with hot foil stamping, so that the brand can be not only outstanging but metallic looking. Some unexperienced factory may find it hard to match the embossing part with hot stamping part, but we have solutions to make embossing or debossed finishing is a perfect match on the boxes.

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